Some of the issues we can deal with & talk about in a spiritual counseling session

  • ACIM - class/discussion

  • Active Listening (T.H.I.N.K)

  • Affirmations / Anchors

  • Aura energy cleansing

  • Breathwork (Tonglen, MC orbit)

  • Brain sync (Monroe or Equisync)

  • Chakra alignment (crystals and stones)

  • Connecting to angelic/divine energies

  • Communication skill building

  • Dream work & discussion

  • Earthing/grounding

  • Finding life purpose

  • First causes/ core issue discovery

  • Forgiveness / pure love extension

  • Paranormal issues

  • Healing from religious damage

  • Inner child healing

  • Intuitive card reading

  • Jungian archetypes

  • Mantras / mudras

  • Meditation training (mantra, guided)

  • Meeting spirit/ animal guides

  • Mystical Christianity

  • Nightmare healing discussion

  • Past Life Regression

  • PNI - psychoneuroimmunology

  • Psychic development

  • Rebirthing

  • Reiki energy work and training

  • Reincarnation discovery / issues

  • Shadow-work / Integration

  • Soul Purpose discovery

  • Strengthen romance/ love

  • Sukshma vyayama yoga

  • Tarot-Chi ™ exercise

  • Trauma healing / Forgiveness

  • Visualization training

  • Unlocking creativity


"Transpersonal" means beyond the ego or personality. Transpersonal Counseling is a personalized, holistic, client-centered approach that helps people find, develop and use their own deep inner wisdom and personal resources. Traditional psychological or psychiatric counseling focuses on the brain, thoughts and behavior, and then often uses chemicals & pharmaceuticals as tools for personal change. Transpersonal Counseling instead focuses 100% on ways to help clients find their own path to align spirit, body and mind thereby facilitating a deepening sense of wholeness and expanded possibilities.

A Transpersonal Counselor has integration and healing as the goal. It is a collaborative style of therapy where the counselor is not above the client or superior in any way; they instead will be a guide, a friend, a light in the darkness that helps clear and clarify the way. They use a variety of tools to assist in awakening each client’s full potential and to experience healing through mystical, spiritual, religious and even altered states of consciousness.

This type of approach is often seen as a short-term process that can be a platform for clients to discuss problems for personal clarity, but it can also be a long-term process for long-held or long-experienced challenges. Transpersonal Counseling can help with making life-changing decisions; identity crisis; major life transitions; relationship troubles; feelings of being stuck or uncertain; chronic or acute fear, depression or anxiety; feeling overwhelmed or stressed out; along with helping with debilitating personal habits that cause self-sabotage. It successfully helps expand a client’s framework for understanding the vast array of human experiences, by using complementary and alternative therapies.

Sessions are tailored for each client utilizing a variety of modalities which could include: hypnosis; meditation training (mantra, guided and/or visualizations); shadow work; transforming personality; trauma healing/forgiveness; connecting with divine energies; first causes/core issues discovery; grounding/Earthing; chakra alignment; rebirthing; dream work – lucid dreaming and/or healing from nightmares; psychic development; brain hemisphere sync; PNI - psychoneuroimmunology; Reiki and other types of energy healing work; ACIM; plus many other modalities.

Focused on the spiritual side of human existence and honoring each individual’s personal definition of divinity, most Transpersonal Counselors work with people from every religion and spiritual pathway, including those who are atheist. The integration of mind, body, soul and spirit fosters self-healing and actualization, leading to a deepened sense of wholeness.

NOTE - Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling is not intended to replace medical, psychological or psychiatric care; it is a great complementary tool. I am not a medical doctor or licensed counselor. I am an AADP Board-Certified Holistic Practitioner, and an ordained minister with a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling. I understand the power of the subconscious mind, and it is my privilege to help you.