Specialized Hypnosis  Services

Please read the detailed description of each Specialized Services. If you are still interested, then please use the forms on the CONTACT ME page to send an email or call/text for more info.  There is a 50% discount on the individual price when booking a Seminar/Workshop that includes at least 4 people. I am available to travel to YOU for the group sessions if you are in the Tulsa area and pre-pay for the group session.  (HCH™ is not available as a group session.)

Releasing Your Family / Generational Trauma

Guided Meditation w/ Visualization - A single 1-hour session in my office or via zoom, to release family or generational trauma. Whether family issues are known or not, this single session is focused on releasing negative emotional anchors that have possibly affected generations in a family line.  We know that the color of one's eyes or hair can be passed down as physical traits. Are the effects of a trauma experience passed down through the generations as a psychological, mental or emotional tendency or trait? Do the difficult childbirth or rape/trauma experiences of our grandmothers or the hellish war-time experiences of our grandfathers affect their children and grand-children? This session is designed to help you release the pain of family and generational traumas, both those known and unknown.

Cost is $50 per individual session. Get 3 or more of your friends together for a Seminar/Workshop and the rate per person is discounted by 50%, that's only $25 per person!

Individual & GROUP Seminar/Workshop Sessions available
Call 918-805-0546 to schedule group sessions.

The Healing Tree - Your Natural Inner Healer - A 30-Day Health Journey

Guided Meditations w/ Self-Hypnosis Training - A single 1-hour session in my office or via zoom will train you for a 30-day Inner Healing practice at home. Simple workbook is provided. This powerful training will help create healing images that are targeted for releasing past painful memories. Finding emotional release from mental or emotional pain can benefit overall holistic healing of the mind/body/spirit/soul.  As the mind is a powerful healing tool, we find that dealing with emotional healing can lead to physical healing, too. This is a powerful way to activate natural inner healing on many levels. The simple workbook provided will help you continue this powerful healing work at home. This is a single training session for a 30-day Inner Healing practice to be continued and completed at home. 

Cost is $50 per individual session. Get 3 or more of your friends together for a Seminar/Workshop and the rate per person is discounted by 50%, that's only $25 per person!

Individual & GROUP Seminar/Workshop Sessions available
Call 918-805-0546 to schedule group sessions. 

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) - Visualize the Activity of Your Immune System

Guided Meditations w/ Self-Hypnosis Training - A single 1-hour session in my office or via zoom, focused on the principles of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Designed to develop imagery of your own body's immune system, the focus of this PNI session is on searching for and activating the inks between the mind and body.  During this session, we will create powerful mental visualizations of your body's inner immune response by visualizing the activation of our white blood cells, leukocytes, phagocytes, B and T cell lymphocytes, which are all vital to a healthy immune response. You will be led to develop a 3-pronged visualization that is directly linked to elements of your immune system. (This is the exact same system I use personally, and it is fun and fabulous! I can't wait to share it with you.) 

"White blood cells, leukocytes, play an important role in the immune system. Some white blood cells, the phagocytes, chew up invading organisms. Others, lymphocytes (B-cells and T-cells) help the body remember and destroy invaders. Lymphocytes start out in bone marrow.  They either stay there and mature into B cells, or go on to the thymus gland to mature into T cells. B lymphocytes are like the body's immune military intelligence system; they find targets and send defenses to lock onto them. T lymphocytes are like the soldiers; they destroy the invaders that the intelligence system finds." - (This overview of the immune system is available from: kidshealth.org/en/parents/immune.html) 

Groundbreaking and startling research is on-going with the PNIRS: PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society 

Cost is $50 per individual session. Get 3 or more of your friends together for a Seminar/Workshop and the rate per person is discounted by 50%, that's only $25 per person!

Individual & GROUP Seminar/Workshop Sessions available
Call 918-805-0546 to schedule group sessions. 

Higher Consciousness Hypnosis (HCH™) for Past-Life Regression

This is a single 3-hour session in person, in my office in Tulsa, with a break in the middle as needed. A 1-hour follow-up session can be scheduled if necessary for further integration of information that is discovered during the initial regression. This is a long session, and will be intense for both of us! This is a powerful, spiritually-oriented session designed to connect with each client's own Higher Consciousness (sometimes known as Christ Consciousness or Guardian Angels or Ascended Masters.) Clients should bring a jacket/blanket, water bottle, pen and paper for taking notes or journaling, and an open mind. 

Cost is $300. Must be prepaid. You can schedule a FREE consultation to see if this is something you really feel led to do. There is a week of daily prep work for you to get ready for the session. There is no group discount, because this is a 100% personalized spiritual event. 

NO Group Session available - Individual sessions ONLY due to the intimate, sensitive and highly personalized nature of the regression experience. Sessions are only available in-person, in my Tulsa office.


Instructions - CONTACT ME FOR A PAYMENT LINK - Once your session has been scheduled and paid for, during the week before your past-life regression, there are some guidelines that I ask you to follow. Our goal is for your body and mind to be as clear and uncluttered as possible so that our session together is as productive as possible! Here is what you need to do in the 7 days prior to your appointment.


NOTES about Reincarnation and Personal Theories

 (These are my observations and opinions; well-educated opinions, yes, but opinions all the same.)

NOTE #1  - When someone asks me if I BELIEVE in reincarnation, my answer is both "Yes" AND "No." How can that be?  Well, I believe that the phenomena of experiencing past lives is real, and that people can learn to access memories of those other experiences. Those past-life memories can help bring healing in the present. BUT, the spirit that incarnates into the body is the singular and only reality, not the body. You have just one spirit (some call it soul) and each body experience is just a vessel that holds the spirit. So, there is only one life. It's just that the experience of that singular life is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. 

We humans are very limited in our thoughts about space and time. This is why EXPERIENCE of altered states of space and time is vital to expanding your human existence. This is where past-life regression can help. This is also where Transpersonal Counseling can help. As my clients learn the ways of altering their usage of space and time, they become more open to their multi-faceted and multi-dimensional life. The brilliant master physicist Albert Einstein put it this way:

“Time and space are not conditions of existence, time and space is a model for thinking. A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and his feelings as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” 

NOTE #2 - Reincarnation is in the Bible. If you are a Christian and that offends you, PLEASE do not send me hate mail. And if you are a Christian, why are you sending anyone hate mail in the first place? I am a Christian, too. And I have read the Bible many times. (I have also read LOTS of other spiritual books, and there are Universal Truths in all of them.)  If you don't believe me about reincarnation in the Bible, then look it up. But you will have to shuck your preconceived notions about what you are reading. 

Read Matthew 16: 13-16 below. Jesus and his disciples were Jewish and knew about theories of reincarnation. Their belief system teaches that the soul has 5 parts and each part is split up into 5 more parts. And we usually only work on 1 part of our soul during each lifetime. SO, Jesus would have known about reincarnation. In the verses from the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus asks his disciples who other people are saying that he is. They list other dead prophets who people think may be reincarnated in the body known as Jeshua, or Jesus. 

13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the son of man am?  14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. 15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? 16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the son of the living God.

NOTE #3 - When someone asks if I have experienced past lives, the answer is YES. Through meditations, visualizations, and brain hemisphere synchronization (a deep meditative state of theta waves throughout the brain) I have travelled through space and time. I KNOW. That sounds weird, but I guess if you have read all the way down here to the end of these notes, then you need to know that the process of studying and experiencing REINCARNATION is the process of travelling through space and time. It can be frightening and glorious and weird, all in the same session. It is not something to be taken up lightly or without plenty of consideration. It should be undertaken with the highest connection to good and with the purest intentions of love. 

Yes, you have been the abused and the abuser. You have been the robber and the robbed. Yes, you have been famous and the insignificant. You have died young and old. You have been wealthy and a beggar. You will find people and places and experiences that repeat over and over until you learn your spiritual lesson. The desire and the process of past-life regression is the process of spiritual healing. 

Will the information you learn from your past lives freak you out? Quite possibly. Some of the things I have learned from my past lives and integrated into my present life have been difficult at first. But guess what? LIFE IS UNSETTLING. And then we settle in and grow. 

IF you have read all of this and you still want to continue on, then welcome to a whole new adventure in past-life regression. I will lovingly guide you throughout the whole process!

Rev Shanna Warner, PhD