& Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling Center

 Many go through life feeling power-less. 
Your mind is actually Power-FULL.
Unleash the power of your mind. 

Use that power to experience new states of knowing and being.  


See the SPIRITUAL COUNSELING page for some of the subjects covered in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling.

NOTE - Hypnosis is not intended to replace medical, psychological or psychiatric care;
but studies have shown it is a great complementary tool. All hypnosis and transpersonal/spiritual counseling clients also learn self-hypnosis. 

HOW IT WORKS - All hypnosis IS self-hypnosis, meaning that YOU are in control. 

Think of hypnosis as a deeply relaxed and peaceful state of body and mind. (Doesn't THAT sound nice?!) A hypnotist is a guide to help you reach that happy, peaceful, easy feeling. When your body becomes deeply relaxed, then your conscious mind can be happily at ease and deeply relaxed, too.

Within this state of deep, total relaxation, a hypnotist can help you increase focus and receptivity. (I know, sounds pretty wonderful, right?) Your subconscious mind is then able to receive powerful suggestions from the hypnotist that are goal-oriented, positive, supportive and life-affirming. 

The hypnotist helps YOU help YOURSELF by showing your mind, body and spirit a better way to align and work together to create the positive changes that you really want in your life. In the end, YOU are the one who will decide to accept those suggestions and make those changes. The hypnotist is your loving and friendly guide to show you how. 

HOW IT HELPS - Have you ever gone to a rodeo? Have you ever seen a cowboy ride a bucking bronco? Often, the raging horse throws the cowboy off in just a few seconds. YOUR MIND is just like that bucking bronco. 

It can be hard to calm down the conscious mind and get it to cooperate with goals and dreams, even when you really do want to make changes. Will power might not be enough. Along with that, many people have long-ingrained thought patterns from childhood, and habits developed in adulthood that are automatic and destructive. (Think about low self-esteem, lack of confidence, smoking, overeating, angry outbursts, constant worry, drugs and alcohol.)  Change can be hard, because it often takes more than willpower. Hypnosis can help!

Through hypnosis, I partner with you to help your body and mind enter total, deep relaxation. That bucking bronco is now calm and peaceful as a little newborn pony.  Then I enlist the cooperation of your subconscious mind and give it suggestions for better ways to cope and deal with life. It's a holistic way to retrain your mind, body and spirit. And when you finish sessions with me, you will know how to easily use SELF-HYPNOSIS every day to continue your personal healing journey! It is all about empowerment and learning how to retrain your mind to create the changes that you really want. 

(Because you really can!)