Shanna Warner

Hello, I am Rev. Shanna Warner, PhD. You might recognize me as the co-owner of the Natural Awakenings website, a free health & wellness digital magazine here in Oklahoma. We have over 8000 fabulous articles on the website. Visit our website to sign up for the free digital edition. (www.NAOklahoma.com) Of course, you are here right now because of an interest in HYPNOSIS and Spiritual Counseling.

Hypnosis is a Holistic and Natural healing system.

Holistic because it focuses on the entire you - the mind, body, spirit, & soul. Natural because you are naturally slipping into a gentle hypnotic state several times a day, mainly in those times as you are waking up in the morning and as you are easing into sleep at night.

If you want to know more, I offer a FREE CONSULTATION via phone, zoom, or google meet. Fill out the form on the Contact Me page to get setup on my schedule. Please note - I am not a medical doctor or traditional licensed counselor.

Rev. Shanna Warner, PhD, is an AADP Board-Certified Holistic Practitioner, and an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling.


  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in English and Communications

  • MDiv (Masters of Divinity) including ordination as a non-denominational minister

  • PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) in Transpersonal Counseling

Originally, Shanna thought her life-calling was as an attorney. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and English, and then attended law school. While working on her Juris Doctorate, life conspired to end her law career. Several cumulative traumatic episodes necessitated her withdrawal from that doctoral program. While she put a law career on hold, she turned towards therapy and meditation. She credits those traumatic episodes with putting her on a spiritual path that is dedicated to helping others rise above their traumas, too.

Before taking a break to raise her son, who was born with a life-threatening medical condition, she worked in radio and as a newspaper reporter. Currently, she is the owner, publisher and head writer for Natural Awakenings digital magazine in Oklahoma. She is also a published author, blogger and podcaster.

For her Master's Degree, she studied the world's religions and spiritual methodologies. She is an ordained non-denominational, non-sectarian, Metaphysical minister; a Christian Universalist; a member of independent New Thought and Universalist organizations; and believes in each person's right and responsibility to follow their own spiritual path. For her Doctoral Degree, she studied Transpersonal Counseling and is able to help clients by utilizing a large number of complementary and alternative methods, including: hypnosis, Reiki, dream work, meditation, visualizations, psychoneuroimmunology and many, many more. During class work for her PhD, she was drawn to further study hypnosis and seek certification, while also writing her dissertation on hypnotherapy.

As a spiritual counselor Shanna works with clients from ALL paths and religions because SPIRITUALITY and RELIGION are NOT THE SAME.

Shanna's first book - Easy Stress Solutions: How to Meditate Like a Master, Banish Anxiety and Kick Depression to the Curb - is available in print on Amazon and e-book or audiobook through other book sellers. (You can visit her personal website - ShannaWarner.com - to find information about her other books and free resources that are available.)